Updated 8/11/2014 - The great thing about jobs for 17 year olds is that you are now old enough to do most types of jobs. Only work that is deemed hazardous is off limits. Unlike the limitations on hours and other things for younger teenage workers, there are few jobs that seventeen year olds are now allowed to do. Listed below are some of the steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of getting hired:

Step #1
The first thing you can do is to go online and see what is available. The two websites listed below are all free to join and they can be used to find employers who are hiring in your area. If you have a resume (see step #2), you can submit it and then employers can see it and may contact you. Many employers now find all or most of their new employees online so you need to be actively searching at these three job search sites:

Snagajob – 100% free to sign up and they specialize in part time and hourly jobs. These are often exactly what a 17 year old is looking for.

Monster.com – 100% free to sign up and they have one of the biggest online job databases.

Step #2
At age seventeen, you should start to put together a resume even if you don't have too much job experience. If you have a resume to give prospective employers and submit online to the job sites, you will be a step ahead of many of your peers who are also looking for work. You can put down all the jobs you have had as well as any awards you might have won and any volunteer work you do. Even though you might not have much on your resume, just having one tells an employer that you are thinking towards the future and that is a good thing.

Step #3
If you have friends who have jobs, you should try to find out from them whether they like their jobs and whether there are any job openings. You should get all the information they can give you and perhaps even have them put in a good word for you. Use any friends and contacts you have to the best of your ability to give yourself the best chance of landing a job.

Step #4
Lastly, you should take your job search out on foot and scour your area for openings. You might stop in at all the places you might like to work and inquire about the possibility of getting hired. If you personally go in an introduce yourself, you will have the chance to make a good impression and let someone actually see who you are. If you don't have too high expectations and understand that you will face rejection, you will at least be able to find out first hand what jobs are available and what their requirements are. Managers and employers also like teens who take the initiative to come in and introduce themselves. If you have a resume you should drop it off at this time. You never know, if you make a good impression, when a job opening does come up the employer might just remember you and give you a call.

Monday, October 26, 2009


One advantage you might consider using if you are looking for jobs for 17 year olds is to get a resume. You might not even know what one is and if so please go here to find out about resumes.
Most seventeen year olds won't have a resume and you probably don't need one to get a job but you might consider getting one anyway.

As you know if you are reading this, jobs for teens are tough to find. Not only are there not too many of them available but the competition for them is greater than it used to be. If you find a job that is open and hiring, you will probably not be the only one that interviews for it. For this reason, you need to try to get some sort of leg up on all your competition.

If you are one of the only 17 year olds with a resume, it will make you stick out and employers will stand a greater chance of remembering you. Yes you are still a kid and you will be competing against other teenager for the jobs you interview for. However, if you can stand out and make a good impression in ways they cannot, you will have a greater chance of being hired.

A resume is often a one page piece of paper that had all your information on it including name, phone number, address, and previous job history along with a brief description of what you did at each job. For teens it can include any awards you have won, groups you belong to, and teams you have been on. The purpose of a resume is so that you have something to give to an employer so that he or she can glance at it later and remember your interview.

Now days many employers want resumes sent to them by email so you might have to have both a paper copy and be ready to send it through the Internet as well. Employers hiring for jobs for 17 year olds and other teens probably won't necessarily expect a resume unless they specifically ask for one. This is because most of you will not have too much of a work history and what you do have will be pretty basic.

When I was seventeen I did get a summer job in a cafeteria and I never had a resume. Things probably haven't changed too much and this is why you might want to take advantage of this opportunity to impress your prospecive employers in a way others may not. Resume's are cheap as you can make one yourself at home and print it out on a good quality paper. You can find how to make a resume online quite easily by doing a quick search or two and it is time you will realize was well spent after you get that job!

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