Updated 8/11/2014 - The great thing about jobs for 17 year olds is that you are now old enough to do most types of jobs. Only work that is deemed hazardous is off limits. Unlike the limitations on hours and other things for younger teenage workers, there are few jobs that seventeen year olds are now allowed to do. Listed below are some of the steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of getting hired:

Step #1
The first thing you can do is to go online and see what is available. The two websites listed below are all free to join and they can be used to find employers who are hiring in your area. If you have a resume (see step #2), you can submit it and then employers can see it and may contact you. Many employers now find all or most of their new employees online so you need to be actively searching at these three job search sites:

Snagajob – 100% free to sign up and they specialize in part time and hourly jobs. These are often exactly what a 17 year old is looking for.

Monster.com – 100% free to sign up and they have one of the biggest online job databases.

Step #2
At age seventeen, you should start to put together a resume even if you don't have too much job experience. If you have a resume to give prospective employers and submit online to the job sites, you will be a step ahead of many of your peers who are also looking for work. You can put down all the jobs you have had as well as any awards you might have won and any volunteer work you do. Even though you might not have much on your resume, just having one tells an employer that you are thinking towards the future and that is a good thing.

Step #3
If you have friends who have jobs, you should try to find out from them whether they like their jobs and whether there are any job openings. You should get all the information they can give you and perhaps even have them put in a good word for you. Use any friends and contacts you have to the best of your ability to give yourself the best chance of landing a job.

Step #4
Lastly, you should take your job search out on foot and scour your area for openings. You might stop in at all the places you might like to work and inquire about the possibility of getting hired. If you personally go in an introduce yourself, you will have the chance to make a good impression and let someone actually see who you are. If you don't have too high expectations and understand that you will face rejection, you will at least be able to find out first hand what jobs are available and what their requirements are. Managers and employers also like teens who take the initiative to come in and introduce themselves. If you have a resume you should drop it off at this time. You never know, if you make a good impression, when a job opening does come up the employer might just remember you and give you a call.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Kids in high school today have pretty much grown up on computers and their level of knowledge exceeds that of many adults. If you are good with computers and the Internet, you might consider trying to make some money online by creating your own website(s).

Summer jobs for 17 year olds are going to be difficult to get this year and so you might start trying to make money on your own. Affiliate marketing is when you have a website about any topic and you put links on it to different vendors. If your readers go through your links and make a purchase, you get a small commission for sending them.

There are billions of websites on the Internet and there is a lot of money being made. With affiliate marketing you don't have to have your own product or deal with any shipping because you are selling someone else's product or getting paid to get people to sign up for things. It is something you can do in your spare time and although it probably won't replace a summer job, it can bring in some extra money.

Many high school students already have a website or might be thinking of creating one. You can buy your own domain (about $9.00) and pay for hosting (about $4 to $10 per month) or you can start out with a free Blogger blog. The advantage of paying for your own site is that you actually own the site while a Blogger blog can be shut down if you inadvertently violate their terms or they consider it spam.

Having your own website and building it up is a lot of work buy many consider it fun if you enjoy what it is about. You should make your website around a topic that interests you so that you can continue to write and add content. You might also consider making your website about something you can make money off of where there are people looking to buy.

Always a challenge will be trying to get people to your site. The best way to get targeted visitors is by getting your website or blog to the front page of Google for the search terms you desire. That way you continue to get free traffic to your blog day after day and you can then figure out how to make money off that traffic. Being only 17, you may need to have help from your parents signing up to some affiliate programs but not all of them.

One of the best affiliate programs out there is CashCrate. You have to be at least 13 to sign up so if you are seventeen you are fine. Money can be made by doing free surveys and offers but MORE money can be made by referring others to the site through your affiliate ID link. Many teens have blogs devoted to CashCrate and some are successful and some are not.

You need to know what you are doing to make money with affiliate marketing and a good place to learn is here at online surveys for money. That blog will teach you how to make money with your own blog and how to get visitors to it so they will sign up under you. Make sure you read that blog from the first post dated 3/3/2009 and read the posts in the order they were written.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Now that you are 17 years old, there are no hours restrictions put on you this summer when you get a job. You can work as much or as long as you want and you can work any hours during the day. This is different when you were younger and you were required by law to work only during certain hours.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour but you might legally make less if your job includes tips. Many waiter type jobs that are heavily dependant on tips do pay a lot less than minimum wage. Also, there are a few states (Alaska, Illinois, Oregon, and others) that have a minimum wage that is higher than $7.25 so you might make more depending on where you live.

Just because you are 17 doesn't meant that you can't make more than minimum wage. If you have experience and are good at what you do, you might indeed be able to make more. However, for the majority looking for summer jobs for 17 year olds, the $7.25 hourly amount is what you will be getting.

It appears that there are still more teenagers looking for jobs than there are jobs available again this year. 17 year olds will be up against more adults than younger teens because they can now apply for jobs that involve driving.

Many adults are frustrated as well about the bad economy and the lack of jobs which forces them to apply for jobs they wouldn't ordinarily want. So, if you are a 17 year old looking for a summer job, you may have to beat out some adults to get hired.

The sooner you start looking for work the more chances you will have to find something so start right now!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


One of the potential problems of getting a job while you are in high school is that it can interfere with your studying and after school activities. That is, if you get a job during the months that school is in session.

Summer jobs are great because you have lots of free time and probably need to earn some extra money. Most kids have time to kill and a summer job is a great way to spend part of it. But if you get a job during the school year, it can take away from what some consider to be more important things, like homework. It is often not advisable for students to have jobs during the school year because it will mean less time to do the things that kids should be doing like studying, having fun, and participating in different activities.

With this economy being so poor though, many families may need their 17 year olds to work if they can all year long. Any additional money they can bring in to help the family is very important, especially if one or more of the parents are out of work. It is a difficult time right now for many families and jobs are in high demand.

Completing your education seems to be the most important thing you can do when you are young and very few people would disagree with that. However, right now some 17 year olds are needing to work even during the school year just to make extra money for their Mom and Dad. Some kids may even be quitting school just to help pay the mortgage and put food on the table.

In years past, jobs for 17 year old students were most often sought because the kids just wanted some extra spending money. If that sounds like your situation, you should make sure your new job doesn't take away from you doing well in school. Your future is in your education and not the hourly job you have now. And if you need a job to help out your family, try to do your best at both your job and school. It is a tough time for many and all you can do is to keep your head high and work hard at both.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


One thing you should make sure of when you are choosing possible jobs is that it won't interfere with your school. Having a job is great, especially now when they are so hard to find, but all teenagers should remember that going to school should be their first priority.

It might seem that school isn't that fun or won't benefit you that much. It might seem that having a job and making money is a better alternative and it won't matter if your school grades or activities suffer. But remember, any job a 17 year old can get is one that doesn't pay well and probably doesn't have much of a future. For instance, do you want to spend the rest of your life mixing shake a an Orange Julius in the mall or waiting on people behind a counter?

Getting an education should almost always be your first priority. Right now that might be hard to understand with the economy being so bad and families experiencing hard times. Perhaps you need a job to help out your family and if that is the case then there is not much you can do other than try your hardest at both school and your job.

However, if you are working just because you want extra spending money, remember that your education is what will ultimately be the most valuable to you. You need to get good grades and try to get into college, whether it be a small local college or a bigger one away from home. You mustn't let your job hurt your chances later in life.

Jobs for 17 year old high school students should be ones that allow you to ample time to study and participate in school activities. Part time jobs with a lot of flexibility are what you might want to look into so that you get the best of both worlds: working and staying in school!