Updated 8/11/2014 - The great thing about jobs for 17 year olds is that you are now old enough to do most types of jobs. Only work that is deemed hazardous is off limits. Unlike the limitations on hours and other things for younger teenage workers, there are few jobs that seventeen year olds are now allowed to do. Listed below are some of the steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of getting hired:

Step #1
The first thing you can do is to go online and see what is available. The two websites listed below are all free to join and they can be used to find employers who are hiring in your area. If you have a resume (see step #2), you can submit it and then employers can see it and may contact you. Many employers now find all or most of their new employees online so you need to be actively searching at these three job search sites:

Snagajob – 100% free to sign up and they specialize in part time and hourly jobs. These are often exactly what a 17 year old is looking for.

Monster.com – 100% free to sign up and they have one of the biggest online job databases.

Step #2
At age seventeen, you should start to put together a resume even if you don't have too much job experience. If you have a resume to give prospective employers and submit online to the job sites, you will be a step ahead of many of your peers who are also looking for work. You can put down all the jobs you have had as well as any awards you might have won and any volunteer work you do. Even though you might not have much on your resume, just having one tells an employer that you are thinking towards the future and that is a good thing.

Step #3
If you have friends who have jobs, you should try to find out from them whether they like their jobs and whether there are any job openings. You should get all the information they can give you and perhaps even have them put in a good word for you. Use any friends and contacts you have to the best of your ability to give yourself the best chance of landing a job.

Step #4
Lastly, you should take your job search out on foot and scour your area for openings. You might stop in at all the places you might like to work and inquire about the possibility of getting hired. If you personally go in an introduce yourself, you will have the chance to make a good impression and let someone actually see who you are. If you don't have too high expectations and understand that you will face rejection, you will at least be able to find out first hand what jobs are available and what their requirements are. Managers and employers also like teens who take the initiative to come in and introduce themselves. If you have a resume you should drop it off at this time. You never know, if you make a good impression, when a job opening does come up the employer might just remember you and give you a call.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One of the all time favorite places for older teens to work has been at malls. The movies have glamorized this as more times that not, when you see a teenager working in a movie, you see them at some job in a mall.

Mall jobs are great for 17 year olds because it is a safe environment where teens hang out anyway. It is warm, there are usually lots of places to eat, many stores to shop in your off hours, and it is a popular hang out for the younger generation. Most teens would agree, a job at the mall sure beats a job at a senior center!

Job openings for 17 year olds at malls probably will be an issue again this summer. There are only so many openings and there are many more students who want work than there are jobs. As jobs at malls are some of the most sought out after, you need to get lucky to get one.

One of your best chances is if you know someone already working at a store that will help you get hired. If you have a friend who is a good worker and will give you a recommendation, you may stand a better chance of getting hired than someone else. This is when it is great to have a best friend who can help you out.

If you are lacking that inside connection, your second best bet is to start looking early which means NOW! You might check out every store you might like to work in and ask for the manager. Tell them you are or will be looking for a job and see if they give you any pointers or positive feedback about your possibilities. This is where it really helps to have some experience and knowledge of the job you might want.

By the time you are 17 you might already have some valuable job experience. If you do, don't forget to tell your prospective employers about it. With job competition so high, you need to use everything you have to get a job and any experience will put you in front of many others. If you have enough to make a resume then you should definitely get one made up. Jobs for 17 year olds are going to be very competitive this year and this summer. If you want a job at your local mall, get going early and lock down that job if you can!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


If you have spent anytime in the past months looking for a job for 17 year olds, you have found out that most employers want experience. The problem is that you can't get a job in the first place to get that experience!

15 and 16 year olds are the age when some kids start looking for jobs for the very first time. It is then that they get that much needed first job and some experience to put down on a resume. But now that the economy so bad, no one seems to be hiring young teens and they never have the chance to get the experience they will need later to get more jobs! That is the way it seems anyway.

It is a catch 22 right now and any teenager that is looking for a job for the first time is caught in the middle of needing experience but finding that few employers are willing to give it to them. Older teens are in a worse situation because they have had more time to have had prior jobs and employers will want to see something from them more than younger teens who are obviously trying to get their first job.

Looking for jobs for 17 year olds can be very discouraging in this environment and it will get you down if you let it. If you are one of the ones who doesn't have any work experience before now, you may be especially depressed if you keep getting rejected. Remember though, it is alright that you haven't worked before now. Many teens never get jobs because they are busy with school, sports, and after school activities.

If you don't have any job experience, tell your prospective employers or interviewers why you haven't. Not everyone who is young has time for a job and you shouldn't be made to feel bad about it. If you can tell an employer why you haven't ever looked for a job until now, that should be enough. Kids should be kids and there is no rule that 15 and 16 year olds should have jobs.

The fact that you are looking for a job at age 17 means that you are ready to work part time (or full time in the summer) and it is a good age to be looking for your first job. In fact, it is a very normal and average age to be seeking employment for the first time. Be yourself, be confident, and never make up stories or excuses why you haven't had a job before now. Don't let it get you down and keep on trying until you get one. Sooner or later you will catch a break. Good luck!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Many of you 17 year olds are having one heck of a hard time finding jobs. No matter where you look you find that there are no jobs open or there is so much competition that it seems hopeless.

What about online jobs for 17 year olds? Is there such a thing and are there any jobs available?

The short answer is NO there are not any real jobs you can do online and get paid a real paycheck. At least none that I am aware of. You usually need to be 18 years old to do most of the things online but there aren't any "real" jobs there anyway.

That being said, there still is a legitimate way to earn money online and that is to sell your services.The first is best if you have skills in building websites or blogs. There are many people that make extra money by setting up blogs and websites for people and charging them for that service. Many adults don't have a clue about computers or anything online and so if you do have that kind of knowledge, you might be able to find people willing to pay for it. If you have experience with setting up hosting accounts and installing websites (either static HTML sites or blogs) there is a market for your services.

Another way to make money is writing articles for people. There are many people who own small websites (called niche websites) that will pay you to write 300 to 500 word articles for them. If you are good at writing, you may be able to sell your services at some of the online forums like DigitalPoint and the Warrior forum. Depending on your writing skill and what the person is willing to pay, you should be able to get at least $1.00 for every 100 words written. If you are successful at this you can sometimes get more business just by word of mouth from your satisfied customers who will tell others.

Graphic artists and designers make good money designing logos for people and headers for their blogs. If you are good with art and can traslate that to the online world, you can definitely make money by offering your design services. Again, you might go the different marketing forums and try to get business that way. First though, you will need examples of your work so that you can show what logos or headers you have made in the past.

Any online skill you have, there may be a market for it. The good thing about the Internet is that it is an easy way for people to connect with each other and by going to different forums, you can find out what people are looking for. You will probably need a Paypal account so that you can accept payment and get paid for whatever service you are selling.

Jobs for seventeen year olds are tough to find in the real world right now but the more you explore the online world, the more you may realize that there are opportunities there to make some extra money. If you are really good at selling yourself and what you do, it might even be able to replace that real job you are looking for. Good luck!

Monday, February 1, 2010


If you want to get a step ahead of your fellow students in the job search in 2010, having a resume is one of the ways. When you are looking this year of jobs for 17 year olds, being able to give an employer a resume will make you stand out over most of your competition.

Seventeen year olds usually don't have very much job experience and you may think it will be hard to put a good resume together. However, if you ask your parents to help you, it may be easier than you think.

A resumes purpose is to tell the employer a little about you and it sort of summarizes who you are and what you have done. Any type of job you have had, from mowing your neighbor's lawns to real jobs, might be put on your first resume. You might also add any awards you have won or other accomplishments you have had in your life. The idea is to present yourself in the most honest and positive way you can so that any prospective employer will have something to remember you by.

Resumes are now often put online and there are several free job websites where you can do that. You should also hand a paper copy of your resume to whoever interviews you for any job. This will let them know that you are serious about getting a job and will also make a positive impression.

Jobs for seventeen year olds are going to be hard to find in 2010 and anything you can do to stand out from the crowd will help you get work. Having a resume is a smart step that you can do to give yourself the best chance possible.